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S.O.N.G. Dundalk was set up in October 2005 by Patrick & Terese Dunne who had unfinished ambitions in music theatre. The draw of the more challenging through-composed modern musicals(sung throughout) was too hard to resist. So they set their sights on Webber, Rice, Boublil & Schonberg and their contemporaries. They came up with idea of forming a new musical theatre group which would stage these musicals.  They then contacted Rosemary Winkless to get her on board and the rest as they say is history, S.O.N.G. was born.

The aim was to produce modern musicals aimed at getting more young people involved in Musical Theatre.  Over the years they have strived to select musicals that would attract young people into theatre.

S.O.N.G.’s mission is simple ; to facilitate the production of challenging musicals and dramatic theatrical work for young people of all ages.  In providing our members with the prospect to explore all aspects of performance and production, we also give them the opportunity to realise the full potential of their imagination and creative abilities.




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